Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy and inspiring work environments are becoming increasingly important to bind talented employees. When working environments are being designed and equipped in a healthy manner, this will result in a positive effect on the wellbeing, productivity and creativity of the employees and therefore their complete organisation.

BREEAM certification

UP office building is in posession of a BREEAM In-Use Very Good certificate. BREEAM is the certification method for a sustainable built environment. With this method, buildings can be assessed on integral sustainability.

Water quality

Waternet is the water company which supplies water at UP office building. The tap water in Amsterdam is of the highest quality and quality controls are performed every day. Click here to find out more about the water quality in UP office building.


Healthy, sustainable and especially tasty food with fresh local ingredients. That’s the basis from which the chef’s in UP prepares your meal.




Mental health is the health of ones mind. When thinking about health, people tend to think about body, condition, physical health. If you wish to be fitter, you exercise more, go to bed earlier, quit smoking and eat healthier. But did you know that taking care of your mind is at least as important? Because if you are not only feeling well, but your mental health is in good condition as well, you function better, you are more positive, you are less stressed and are better able to cope with problems (source: ggd).

General information about health and wellbeing

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According to multiple studies a small portion of artificial light can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle of people. A dark sleeping room is therefore of great importance for a good night’s sleep. More information can be found on the following websites:

Energy is always UP

UP office building gives energy to its occupants, but the building itself is using energy sparingly (energy label A). The mix of smart climate-control devices and an urban heating and cooling system preserve the pleasant indoor climate for the people working in the building.

A with energy label A
Energy consumption
A energy label
Green energy electricity metering per section of each tenant
Ground-coupled heat exchanger (Wamrte-koude opslag)
Through climate ceiling In combination with primary air
Ground-coupled heat exchanger (Wamrte-koude opslag)
Through climate ceiling In combination with primary air
LED lightning Integrated in the climate ceiling
Daylight correction Including presence detection
Air handling unit With outside air
Capacity 60 m³ per person