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Support mental wellbeing


Support mental wellbeing

Create a healthy work-life balance

Working on your vitality and mental health is important, to create and sustain a healthy work-life balance. If you feel physically and mentally good about yourself, you will function better, have a more positive outlook on life and suffer less from stress. Here you will find more information on mental health.

Empower your mind

When thinking about health, most people tend to think about a muscular body and physical health in general. In order to get fit you exercise more, go to bed earlier, quit smoking and eat healthier. However, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. When you’re mentally in good shape, you function better, you are more positive, less stressed and better able to cope with problems and stressful situations. If you want to focus more on your mental health, here are some websites to improve your mental well-being. We have also listed a couple of governmental health organisations and institutions, for general information about this topic.

General information about health and well-being

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Working Well
Work place mental

Suggestions for health and wellness support

Workplace Wellness that Works
Urban green spaces and health

Government and institutions

Trimbos Instituut
Verslavingskunde Nederland