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Mirella Rampazzo

Mambu, software company for financial software

Mirella Rampazzo

Mambu, software company for financial software

Mirella Rampazzo

Works in UP since: 2019
Company: Mambu, software company for financial software
Rents: the entire 14th floor with, in total, 80 employees

How does UP contribute to the perfect day at the office for you?

Getting to the office easily is what makes it perfect for me. UP is very close to the train station and this makes me happy every day. The fact that the office building is in a quiet location also contributes to that perfect office day for me. Easy to reach by car or public transportation and as a bonus there are some very good hotels just a few minutes away. Great when we have clients over to visit from abroad.

Which one of UP’s facilities is indispensable for you?

Without a doubt: the girls at the reception desk. They are so sweet and help you with everything. From signing off for packages, keeping you up to date about what’s going on in the building to opening the door for you.

What’s your favourite spot in the building for meeting your fellow UP renters?

So far, we’ve had little opportunity to visit the monthly drinks here because of the coronavirus. I hope we can participate in that in the near future.

When you are not working, where do you go to blow off some steam?

I love going to the gym, but I also love to eat! We often order catered lunch, soup and sandwiches, that’s the best part of the day. But there’s also a nice restaurant on the 17th floor and downstairs they serve great coffee.

Where do you like to meet with clients within the UP building?

Because of the great coffee, we sometimes meet with clients downstairs in the coffee bar. But most of the time in our own office. It’s a lovely space with good atmosphere. Only when we organise big meetings, we rent a conference room. Fully fledged and very easy to arrange with the girls from the reception desk.

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