Get social


Get social

It’s not all about work! Blow off some steam during a sizzling ping pong match. Hide behind your collegues while watching a scary Halloween movie. Or enjoy being showered with gifts on Valentines Day. At UP our community manager organises all these events and more to get to know each other. Because meeting people is what inspires most!

Get inspired by fellow tenants

Meet your fellow tenants, share ideas and discover new ways of thinking while drinking a cup of coffee together. Discover the interesting mix of companies in UP!

Game set mash

Treat yourself to some typical Dutch mash after beating them all!

Love lifts us UP

Valentine’s Day has never tasted so sweet!

Sunshine Reggae

Join your neighbours for a casual drink and get to know them!

A good cause

Look good and feel good! Donate to charity and get a free haircut.