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Renovation third floor

We are thrilled to announce the completion of extensive renovations on the third floor of UP Office Building. This transformation has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of two construction firms: Koers and 4Some.

Koers, serving as the main construction contractor, has played a pivotal role in managing the renovation process. Their responsibilities encompassed overseeing demolition work, including the removal of existing fixtures, partition walls, suspended ceilings, floor coverings, and a pantry. Following this, Koers diligently applied plasterwork and paint to the structural walls, ensuring a fresh and revitalized aesthetic. Moreover, the commitment to sustainability is evident through Koers’ implementation of sun-blocking film on the windows. This measure not only enhances the indoor climate during the warmer months but also contributes to a reduction in energy consumption, aligning with UP Office Building’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Complementing Koers’ efforts, 4Some has undertaken crucial tasks related to the upgrade of electrical and mechanical installations on the third floor. Their scope of work includes the replacement of traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED alternatives and the installation of advanced ventilation systems. Particularly noteworthy is the introduction of Variable Air Volume (VAV) valves and a climate ceiling system, which enhance indoor comfort while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

The successful completion of these renovations marks a significant milestone for UP Office Building. Tenants can now look forward to a modern, eco-friendly workspace that prioritizes both comfort and environmental stewardship. These renovations will have a positive impact on the working experience within UP, creating a more pleasant and productive environment for our tenants.

As we continue to prioritize innovation and excellence, we remain committed to providing sustainable work environments that meet the evolving needs of our tenants. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on future projects aimed at further enhancing UP Office Building’s facilities.

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