Working UP

The New Way of Working
Most of the companies in UP have adopted the New Way of Working. The spacious office areas are perfectly designed for it, with plenty of space to create flexsplaces, areas for project groups and office lounges, all with an inspiring view of surroundings. The layout can be designed even more efficiently with the option of making internal connections between the floors.

But there is more to the New Way of Working in UP: it is also a choice to share experiences and facilities with other companies in the building.

For example, during lunch with other companies in the Uptown restaurant on the 17th floor or in one of the many restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Uptown is also an ideal spot for a quick meeting or a temporary workplace. For larger groups, you can adjourn to one of the spacious conference rooms in MeetUP on the first floor and 18th floor. After all, in the present economic climate, sharing facilities is efficient and makes a lot of sense.

Fully Serviced Office Space

At the UP office building on the shores of the river IJ in Amsterdam, The Office Operators offers fully serviced office spaces based on flexible contracts – from 1 to 60 months. Your office space will be completely furnished, and we’ll take care of all the logistics for you. Our professional Service Team will not only take on your entire facility management, but can also assist with ICT management, restaurant bookings and groceries, to mention just a few examples!

“At UP you can rent fully operational office space for the required period without having to invest in the fit out.”

Office for a day

Are you looking for a quiet workspace without distractions? Get one of our Box Offices: a private workspace with all the usual office amenities. Perfect coffee, high speed internet, a parking spot or colour copies? At TOO, we’ll arrange them for you as a matter of course. You only pay for private office space when you actually use it, but you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of a fully-fledged office!

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